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coffee tasting flight


This tasting box is designed to showcase how different coffees can be. Included are two blends and two single origins. Brew them separately or at the same time. Try different methods, pour overs, espresso, aeropress, or your home machine and enjoy the flavors as they evolve. We’ve left space for you to make your own notes and share with us! Have fun.

Ethiopia – limu – organic
Single Origin | Dry Process

Roasters Notes : Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. This dry-process coffee from Ethiopia brings out the fruity character of modern specialty coffee beans. The processing method allows berry and citrus tones to dominate the cup. This coffee changes lives. A coffee like this changes perspective on what a coffee can taste like. Juicy and Sweet, people forget that it’s coffee and not a bottle of wine.

Mexico – chiapas – organic
Single Origin | Washed Process

Roaster Notes : Perhaps you prefer the classic profile coffee can offer. This sultry beast is an institution that defines a CLASSIC cup of coffee. Nutty and chocolatey, crisp and clear like a blue sky.

three idiots – a classy blend – for classy people
Colombia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia | Mostly Washed

This blend is designed for pour overs. The coffees play together to create a balanced cup with a medium body and laced with fruits and chocolate. Pour overs aren’t usually a blend, but this unique blend adds complexity that most single-origins cannot, and that’s why we made a classy blend for classy people.

Quiet Prophet Blend
Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia Mostly Washed

This blend is designed to showcase all that rich deliciousness coffee has to offer. The complexity of the quiet prophet allows it to pair well with any flavors. Full-bodied and lush, this is what unincorporated uses for all espresso-based drinks and cold brews. QP is an institution at unincorporated coffee and serves as the local fan favorite.

Coffee at Home

Unincorporated Coffee freshly roasted and delivered to your door. Pick between two subscription programs and tell us how often you want to receive it.