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UCR20c-machete y flor-cafe juayua-el salvador

Machete y Flor – Cafe Juayua – El Salvador


Medium-Light Roast

Juicy Citrus | Chocolate | Grapefruit | Clove

This coffee is special. This relationship, even more. We met the Juayua family two years ago. IT’s been an absolute pleasure working with them. Machete y Flor is our tribute to this farm. A three part blend of Juayua’s washed, natural and honey processes.

Here’s a message from the farmers…

Machete y Flor- For us represents the culmination of a journey of hard work for our team at our small farms in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range near the small town of Juayua, El Salvador. It also represents a beautiful and delicate expression of our coffees, the aromas and the taste notes that have garner El Salvador coffees a great reputation within the coffee community.

As you enjoy our Cafe Juayua coffees, remember that they have been harvested and processed specifically for the Unincorporated community, from farm to cup, with no middleman between the farmer and Unincorporated. We are extremely proud of our partnership as we change the way coffee is bought/sold in the US, at a price where the farmer actually have a sustainable income and re-invest 100% of its gains back into the people and the soil that makes the miracle of coffee a reality. As Cafe Juayua family, our mission is to bring awareness to our customers to first care for the farmer and then for the coffee. Our desire is for the coffee lover to get to know the faces of the farmer that labor day in and day out to produce this delicious cup of coffee.

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