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sergio orantes – cerro brujo – chiapas – mexico


Medium Roast


12 oz. whole bean coffee roasted to order

A friend told Sergio Orantes that coffee is learned in 100 lessons, and each one lasts one year. So far, he has spent more than 30 years learning and he doesn´t seem to be tired soon. His farm is in Cerro Brujo, which translates in English as “Sorcerous mountain”, owing to legends that say you can listen to voices and that it holds buried treasures. “La Grandeza” (“The Greatness”) is Mr. Orantes’ largest plot whose name makes allusion not only to its size, but also to the riches that lie under its soil and, perhaps, are made out of coffee.

Entirely shade grown, Mr. Orantes’ coffee grows surrounded by tall and ancient trees whose flowering period in March and April coincides with the harvest. This provides food to native bees and a small alternative business, as well as supporting a diverse ecosystem. Mr. Sergio’s coffee is washed after a 24 to 36-hour fermentation in his own wet mill. Four years ago, he started processing Black and Red honey coffees, which are totally or partially dried in the shade for 20 to 30 days depending on the weather. His most recent discovery was several years ago in Nicaragua, where he learned about the anaerobic semi-washed process in which cherries are dried in their own honey for more than 48 hours. His first trial was carried out a year ago and he has become a believer in experimental processes. He is looking to improve his infrastructure in order to add 4 or 5 points to his coffee, get more buyers and continue to grow his business.

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