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Bekele Ututtie Kokose - Kokkose, Sidama - Ethiopia

Bekele Ututtie Kokose - Kokkose, Sidama - Ethiopia

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For our second year, we are bringing back Bekele Ututtie's natural lot 58 with it's notes of coconut rum, vanilla, and cinnamon. At an elevation of 1960masl, Bekele and other farmers in the highlands of Kokkossa take advantage of cooler temperatures that allow their coffee trees to ripen slower. This developes sweeter and more acidic flavors that makes a name for the Bensa district's unique terroir. The location of the Kokose farm is so remote, it takes 4+ hours to travel to the nearest city.

WTF is Heirloom? Ethiopia is said to be the birthplace of coffee although some might argue Yemen to be that. Since Ethiopia has had coffee cultivated for hundreds of years with no outside varieties interfering with the native ones, thousands of unique Ethiopian varieties exist under the umbrella term of Heirloom. In the 1970s Coffee Berry Disease (CBD) swept through and killed off tens of thousands of plants taking a massive dent on the production of coffee in Ethiopia. The Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) began to develop varieties such as 74112 and 74158 specifically for it's resistance to CBD. Bekele's lot 58 has both varieties in it which stem from the original Heirloom of Ethiopian coffee.

Varietals: 74112, 74158

Elevation: 1960m

Processing: Natural

Flavor Notes: Coconut Rum, Cinnamon, Vanilla


12 oz. whole bean coffee