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Farmers of Wush Wush - Ginbo, SNNPR

Farmers of Wush Wush - Ginbo, SNNPR

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Wush Wush is a small village in the Keffa district of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR). Approximately 2500 "garden farmers" from the village and around take their coffees to a washing station run by Dinkalem Ademe. Garden farmer is the term used because most of these smallholder farmers grow their coffee in the "garden" around their homes. The coffee varietals grown are all native to the district and land giving it its unique and uniform flavor. For the people of Ethiopia, the Keffa district is thought to have been the place of discovery of coffee, with a popular tale about a goat herder noticing his livestock getting energetic after eating berries from a bush.

notes: oolong tea, vanilla, navel orange
varietals: 75/210, 74/212, and other local varietals
elevation: 1850m - 1950m
processing: red honey

12 oz. whole bean coffee