Mrs. Gemedech Fulasa - Yirgacheffe, SNNPR

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Mrs. Gemedech Fulasa is the only child and was born in southwestern part of Ethiopia. Not only is Mrs. Gemedech Fulasa one of few female coffee farmers in Yirgacheffe, she consistently produces one of the highest quality crops in the region. Her father passed away in 2011 making her the owner of the farm. Her only processing method on the far is the natural process thus making little environmental impact.This crop is composed of 3 native yirgacheffe varietals: dega, wolisho, and kurume. Kurume is a varietal that was only really discovered in the early 1970s when coffee researchers started to breed and identify the local varietals of Ethiopia. In the 1960s an insane coffee berry disease spread and killed lots of plants but barely affected Kurume.

Dega is another varietal that has a dwarf structure and has wood that smells sweet and fragrant. It grows exceptionally well at higher altitudes.

Wolisho is a more rare varietal in the yirgacheffe region and is typically grown at an altitude of 1500m - 2000m. Wolisho takes much longer to mature and bear fruit thus granting higher quality beans.

notes: ripe plum, super blueberry, purple

varietals: wolisho, dega, kurume

elevation: 2050m

processing: natural

12 oz. whole bean coffee

Size: 12oz
Grind Type: Wholebean