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Rodrigo Pelaez - Laderas del Tapias, Caldas

Rodrigo Pelaez - Laderas del Tapias, Caldas

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Tucked away in the mountains just north of Neira, Colombia lies Laderas Del Tapias Estate. Rodrigo Pelaez, who is also a dentist in the local city of Manizales, produces highly consistent and vibrant natural caturra while adapting to local climate change and out-of-the-ordinary rainfall. His process begins by floatation density sorting to remove underdeveloped cherries from a bath. Then he uses mechanical drying silos to dry the cherries.

The Caldas department of Colombia has been experiencing, on average, 24 days of rain per month during harvest so to adapt, Rodrigo implemented mechanical drying to have control of environmental temperature, humidity, and interval drying. Compared to the traditional practice of sun drying coffee, the mechanical drying process allows for more consistency and higher quality lots and is essential for farmers in Caldas like Rodrigo to process with a variable climate.

notes: watermelon, nectarine, tangerine
varietals: caturra
elevation: 2100m
processing: natural

12 oz. whole bean coffee