Luz Mila González - finca el oasis - gaitania - colombia

Luz Mila González - finca el oasis - gaitania - colombia


Medium-Light Roast


12 oz. whole bean coffee roasted to order


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Meet Luz Mila González

Farm and Family Background

Luz Mila González lives simply and works incredibly hard with her 3 kids on their family farm, tucked away deep in the mountains. The coffee plots are impeccable, as is parchment storage, the depulper, and the marquesina dryer, which is bigger than that family's house, indicating the prioritization of quality processing at Finca El Oasis.

The kids walk to school in town on the dirt path that took us 45 minutes to navigate by dirt bike. Since school is half of the day (like most of rural Colombia) they come home for lunch and get to work. In the González family, everyone does their part to ensure the farm is taken care of, and not only the coffee. There are chickens, plantains, fruit trees, and an assortment of other crops they use in their home.

Regional Context

Gaitania is famous among Colombians for being the birthplace of the FARC. Gaitania is extremely remote, several hours and geographically separated from the nearest city. The region is pristine and the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and unique to other regions of Colombia, with steep, sharp mountain peaks in the shadow of the Nevado del Huila, the perpetually snow-capped volcano that gives Gaitania fertile, volcanic soil.

Due in part to its isolation, the area has been at times a stronghold of the FARC and other insurgent and/or drug trafficking groups, and often a point of contention between opposing armed forces with local residents caught in the middle. The newly-found fame of specialty coffee in the region is providing a much-needed economic stimulus, improving the quality of life, and providing an alternative to joining insurgent or criminal groups.