Don Francisco - Finca San Francisco, Jinotega

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This is our first year receiving coffee from Don Francisco’s farm, Finca San Francisco. Nicaragua is becoming one of our favorite countries to source from, especially with the help of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers. 

Finca San Francisco is located at high altitude which brings a slightly cooler climate. This poses risk for most farmers due to the higher potential for frost which can kill the coffee plant but it does provide the benefit of allowing each crop to mature slower. This brings much more complexity to the flavor and body of the coffee. Harvest time also occurs 2 months after the rest of the country’s coffee lots.

Don Francisco keeps a large section of his property untouched to keep as a natural forest and chooses to only grow coffee on the rest of his land. Typically, growing multiple different crops on a farm requires more labor and machinery to prepare the plot for another year of farming so keeping his entire property dedicated to coffee only minimizes his carbon footprint.

Caturra Estrella is a new and rare variety that we’ve never tried until now. It is derived from Caturra and was designed to be more resistant to diseases and coffee rust but failed both of those goals. A few GMCG farmers, including Don Francisco, have been choosing to grow it since they’ve realized it has a higher quality crop after all!

notes: banana, pistachio, milk chocolate
varietals: caturra estrella & catuai
elevation: 1350m-1400m
processing: washed

12 oz. whole bean coffee

Size: 12oz
Grind Type: Wholebean