Baklava & Mango - Farmers of GMCG - Jinotega, Nicaragua

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We are thrilled to share this exquisite coffee named Mango & Baklava from Jinotega, Nicaragua. It is named by the farmers of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers due to its consistent flavor of Mangos and Baklava. While still being considered a single origin coffee, this is a blend of 13 GMCG members’ lots and only lots that contribute mango and baklava flavor notes!

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers created Baklava & Mango to highlight their passionate farmers who use rigorous quality control methods and sorting. They’ve created Baklava & Mango as well as other high quality blended lots to fight poverty in their local communities and to protect local rainforests across Nicaragua

There are many varieties so here they are: Red & Yellow Catuai, Bourbon, Pache, Pacamara, Yellow Bourbon, Papayo, SL28, and a little bit of Geisha. Pache is a dwarf variety that was originally grown in Guatemala. Its short size allows it to grow well in windy regions and can be grown in tightly packed groups thus increasing yield. Pacamara is a combination of Paca and Maragogype and has super floral and strong strawberry notes. Catuai is a classic and has a very fruit forward and sweet profile that’s instantly recognizable.

notes: tropical punch, lil' grapey, plum
varietals: red & yellow catuai, bourbon, pache
elevation: 1200m-1600m
processing: natural

12 oz. whole bean coffee

Size: 12oz
Grind Type: Wholebean