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Located in a hills above Jalapa, Maria Zapata is consistently producing very high quality decaf lots. Her coffees have a reputation for being very consistent due to more attention to picking and sorting. Their long-time importer, supports Maria at the farm level such as providing agronomists to train on plant pruning, soil health, and many others. She took over her husbands farm after his passing due to a long struggle with COVID-19. Since then, the Zapata family has been branching out to bring more buyers to their lots. The swiss water process involves introducing fresh water to the green coffee which becomes a delicate and careful process. The process keeps a full spectrum of flavor potential in the bean while also removing 99.9% of the caffeine content.

notes: lavender, fudge, graham cracker
varietals: caturra, pache, san ramon
elevation: 1800m
processing: washed - swiss water process

12 oz. whole bean coffee

Size: 12oz
Grind Type: Wholebean