Lukanzauti Peaberry - 300 Smallholders, Ruvuma

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In the 1960s, the Tanzanian government and private entities funded and built a mill for the Lukanzauti group which is key to their success in the area. With a growing coffee industry, the Tanzanian Coffee Research Institute has been making great strides to improve the quality of coffee coming from the country, with many new hybrids winning competitions worldwide. In recent years, the TCRI has been educating smallholders nation- wide on methods to both improve quality as well as ways to farm more sustainably. Global warming has also taken a toll on coffee production in the country, forcing the TCRI to make hybrids that are more drought tolerant.

As we all know, coffee cherries contain 2 seeds which are called coffee beans. When a coffee cherry only conains 1 seed, that seed is called a peaberry! Their shape is more rounded, kind of like a pill. Since they are the only seeds in a normal sized cherry, they don’t need to share nutrients and get to keep all the fruit to themselves. Peaberries are natural mutations that make up 6% of each harvest and deliver higher acidity, body, complex- ity, and sweetness. Farmers set aside their peaberries at the end of every harvest due to their value and high cup quality.

notes: ripe pears, black currant, brown sugar
varietals: bourbon & kent
elevation: 1600m
processing: washed

12 oz. whole bean coffee

Size: 12oz
Grind Type: Wholebean